Portfolio Category: paper-negative

2 months at the office

Countless clicks, phone calls and sketches done on paper and notebooks all together in a single picture: 50 days in office. Image taken with a pinhole camera mounted insaide the suspended ceiling, within 10 weeks of continuous exposure on black & white photographic paper fomaspeed C312 matte. The detailed project page is here.
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167 days of exposure CAMERA NUMBER - 1 LOCATION - timisoara SITUATION - indoor with windows facing EST FACING - down CAMERA BUILD - custom box integrated in a false ceiling tile (with the consent and knowledge of the office coworkers) MEDIUM - 1 x foma bv paper (fomaspeed C312 mate) EXPOSURE START - 22:00 05 july 2014 EXPOSURE END -…
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Through woods and fields. Road trip from Anina - Eftimie Murgu 2 hours and 10 min. of exposure on ILFORD BV paper (multigrade IV RC pearl)
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