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Electroruga de Buzad september 2019 - Alternative Photo Devices, workshop
Toluna july 2019 - pinhole corporate workshop in Timisoara
UAD Cluj mai 2018 - Pinhole Talk
Analog Mania V october 2017 - Pinhole Talk
Photography Square Festival november 2016 - Pinhole Talk
Analog Mania IV november 2016 - moderating Pinhole Atelier
Zoppas Industries september 2016 - pinhole corporate workshop in Palić, Serbia
Ciorchin may 2016 - pinhole workshops in Cluj Napoca
Photo Romania Festival may 2016 - Pinhole talk
Cuib d'Arte march/april 2016 - #selfiealtfel, workshop
Alt Club january 2016 – Caravana PhotoRomania, Pinhole talk
Support Art september 2015 – Modatim – Concluzii preliminare ale unui proiect de expunere lunga
Plai september 2015 – Stenoscop Mobil
Reciproc iuly 2015 – Pinhole talk
Street Delivery june 2015 – Miniatelier de construit aparate foto
Analog Mania III november 2014 – Making a pinhole workshop
Support Art may 2014 – Pinhole talk


Next Best Thing Pinhole Project
In 2014 Hershel Pollard, a Nashville U.S.A. based pinhole photographer launched the project "Next Best Thing Pinhole Project" in order to create a collection of pinhole photographs focused on landscape and culture, and shot by photographers from around the globe over the course of a year.

Acting as a volunteer since the 2014 festival, I had presentations on the pinhole images subject and my first public pinhole exibit. Together with Support Art I have a steady colaboration in promoting the pinhole photography.

Analog Mania
Dedicated to the analogical scene in general, Analog Mania offered a great opportunity to speak for and spread the knowledge of pinhole photography. We worked together on several occasions, growing the local pinhole community.

Together with Aura Balanescu, Gabriel Kelemen, Petrica Stefan, Bogdan Tomsa and Nicolae Velciov we founded the art platform Avantpost wich is located at the confluence of the poles of classical paradigm (avant / before + post / after). The art platform aims to milestone the territory of a complex reality through a interdisciplinary that exceeds the fragmentary rational knowledge.  The project started with the exhibition The Vanishing Point (2014), a study on versatility of visual perception, following editions being addressed to other aspects of perceptual system in relation to artistic representation.

Romania's biggest world music festival, organized entirely by volunteers. In 2014 & 2015 I was invited as cultural partner and had the chance to do an interesting long exposure project and to experiment with custom built pinhole contraptions. I'm eager to see what opportunity's the next edition holds.

Kratima Foundation
"Poarta Arta!" is the name of the project in which I was involved as architect and pinhole photographer, coordinating and documenting the restoration process of an 19'th century house gate in an historical part of Timisoara. I used long exposures and pinhole photography in order to capture the new becoming of the old wooden gate.

Werkraum is a local platform which gathers and exposes bloggers, photographers, graphic designers and creative people.

Street Delivery
Street Delivery is an event that happens every year in Bucharest, Timisoara and Iasi, since 2015, closing the streets to cars and opening them to people, making the roadway into a promenade space furnished with ideas. In the summer of 2015 I introduced children to the basics of pinhole photography.

Sinaptica NGO
Two sets of three consecutive workshops days in which participants discover how to build a pinhole camera, by planning it, developing the pictures, taking part in an itinerant exhibition, winning prizes, and being part of a sociological study regarding how you relate to a DIY camera in contrast to a factory made optical camera. The project we developed together is called #selfiealtfel, developed in collaboration with various other organisations is held in 2 cities (Timisoara, Targoviste) and then reveled in Bucharest.


Bastion Colt, Timisoara
Romania - May 2023
group exhibition curated by Maria Orosan Telea

Elektro Arts Festival, Cluj
Romania - May 2018
group exhibition curated by Diana Drăgan-Chirilă

Temporary Museum of Contemporary Art, Timisoara
Romania - December 2016
group exhibition curated by Cosmin Haias

Rezidenta Scena 9 | NAG#10, Bucharest
Romania - September 2016
group exhibition curated by Cosmin Haias

Helios Galery, Timisoara
Romania - June 2016
group exhibition curated by Maria Orosan Telea

Revela-T, Vilassar de Dalt
Spain - May 2016
group exhibition curated by Hershel Pollard

Premiul Octavian Radu Topai - Contest, Timisoara
Romania - December 2015
group exhibition curated by the ATA jury

Calpe Galery, Timisoara
Romania - November 2015
group exhibition curated by Emil Kindlein

Museo Fotográfico Simik, Buenos Aires
Argentina - October 2015
group exhibition curated by Paula Guillardoy

Ambasada, Timisoara
Romania - September 2015
group exhibition

SOLAR 2015 Instituto Municipal de Arte Fotográfico,  Buneos Aires
Argentina - September 2015
group exhibition curated by Gabriel Fernandez & Guillermo Alvarez

Reciproc, Timisoara
Romania - August 2015
pinhole presentation and personal exibition

International Miniature Photo Biennial, Timisoara
Romania - June 2015
group exhibition curated by Cristian Graure

Photo Romania Festival, Cluj Napoca
Romania - May 2015
group exhibition curated by Damian Alexandru

La Lunares, Buenos Aires
Argentina - April 2015
group exhibition curated by Paula Guillardoy

Bastionul Theresia, Timisoara
Romania - March 2015
group exhibition curated by Maria Orosan-Telea

Arhitects Anual Exibition, Timisoara
Romania - December 2014
project exhibition curated by the ATA jury

Analog Mania, Timisoara
Romania - November 2014
grup exibition curated by Damian Alexandru

Calina Galery (Timco), Timisoara
Romania - October 2014
group exhibition

Carturesti, Timisoara
Romania - August 2014
grup exibition curated by Damian Alexandru

Pygmalion Galery , Timisoara
Romania - May 2014
personal exhibition

MAAC Museo Antropologio y de Arte Contemporaneo, Guayaquil
Ecuador - April 2014
group exhibition curated by Fabricio Medina Villao

Arhitects Anual Exibition, Timisoara
Romania - December 2013
group exhibition curated by the ATA jury