single / double slit pinhole camera "BLADE RUNNER"
slit width 250 μ
3 mm distance between blades if used as double slit camera, second pare of blades are perpendicular on the first ones, inside the camera.
3.2 cm length of the slit
focal length 44 mm, measured from the outer blades,
F 170 (measured as double slit camera, from the midpoint between the 2 pairs of blades)
material: electrical connection plastic box (IP65), mate black paint outside/inside, XPS foam, 2 (4) razor blades, black adhesive sheet, black cardboard, 11x11x7.4 cm

double slit pinhole camera

pinhole slit

This is an experimental Pinhole Camera.

Almost all of the others of myne started as such, more or less used by me to experiment with light and time but on this one I want to see how light works in relation to slit openings. This camera permits a rather easy modification of the slits and in time I hope to understand better how long exposure photography works with slit cameras.